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Savage Tide Adventure Path

Last session we started with this module, some PCs cashed out the items in Sasserine via teleport and the rest stayed in Farshore to calm the people and investigate what happened there, they discovered that the Ravens left a few days ago, I thought that it was enough advantage to meet their fates before the PCs arrive, but then they decided to catch up the ravens.

The wizard will cast sending to contact one Raven (they are in good terms with two of them and neutral with the rest) and tell her that in the next minutes he is going to cast scrying and greater teleport, so they should reject the will save of the scrying, stop the ship (just in case) and wait for them.

So, do you guys have some ideas of how to modify this part of the adventure for a "PCs and Ravens arrives together" scenario?

Unless the Ravens are significantly more powerful than 9th level, they will only be able to support the PCs. You could have them track down minor leads to save the PCs some time or have them get captured and added to any of the hideouts the PCs will have to raid.

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