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Shadow Lodge

I made a house rule that they could sell the occasional BP, but it depends on where they are and how their profession Merchant is.

(Profession Merchant check)*LVL*(2d4+Location)

Absalom Station = 0
Pact World = -1
Veskarium = -2
Near Space = -3
Vast = -4

So there's a chance that in Veskarium, Near Space, or Vast that they won't be able to turn BP into credits/UPBs or it'll be for very little.

So far all they've used it for was to buy a cargo lifter to help load and unload cargo.


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Noven wrote:

I totally see your point here, but at the same time, I also understand the need for such a system from a game design perspective.

I think the best solution would be what Leon Aquilla suggested:
Simply "move" some of the adventures rewards to the cargo reward.

You have level 3 group which make a cargo run. You plan the "adventure" and decide to add 4 encounters.
One encounter at level 3 should give the players around 1100 credits, so this cargo run should give a total of ~4400 credits.

So you simply split the "credits-gained". The players will get 2200 credits from the encounters (loot, cred-sticks etc.) and the other 2200 credits will be the reward (additional to the BP) when they delivered the cargo.

The good thing is: The players will never know that you split the reward, as they don't know how many credits per level they can expect.
Also you can simply tell them straight "completing this Cargo run, will give you the normal BP and additional 2200 credits".

This way you have your credit reward, but at the same time stay within the game design ideas. ;)

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Honestly it wouldnt hurt to add a little extra in anyway. Starfinder APs are notoriously stingy cause they count every bit of treasure as full value rather then sell value.

My plan is to give players a bonus cash payment on top of BP equivalent to 50 times level per BP earned. This represents their profit margin on trades. So at level 4, if they pull off a 15 BP profit, they get 3000 credits between them

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