[Kingmaker campaign] Does the ruler need CHA-based skills ?



We are 5 players in a Kingmaker campaign. We do not have any CHA-based character, except myself... The thing is, I play an Oracle with the "Wasting" curse.

So here's my question. Does the ruler need Bluff/Diplomacy/Intimidation in order to be efficient as a ruler or do you only need your ability score to be good in the management of your kingdom ?

Technically, no, but your GM may apply the -4 to Charisma checks to the kingdom rolls.
Talk to your GM and see what they have to say about it as, ultimately, it's their call.

That being said, if they do apply the -4 you're still a Charisma-based character so your bonus is probably higher than anyone else's after you've gained a few levels and magic items. It might be tough at the beginning but won't be impossible.

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