Scribbler stats help for a starting GM

Rise of the Runelords

Just took over GM-ing at the start of Sins of our Saviors. I'm pretty new to it, and figuring out the stat blocks of NPCs. Especially the Scribbler is complicated.

The scribbler can at different stages in the combat change different things to his stats:

- Start of the day: extended magic vestment
- Before combat: stoneskin, bull's strenght, etc.
- Start of combat: righteous might and quickened divine favor

Which of these changes are already accounted for in the stats?
Is this a general rule, or should I just deduct it from the stats?

Thanks for the help!

Generally anything which the stat block says is cast at the beginning of the day or before combat is already in the stat block.
So for the scribler
His DR comes from the stoneskin, the freedom of Movement is listed in his defenses.

However stat blocks are famously difficult to get right.

His attack is listed as +19
11 from BAB 4 from strength 1 from weapon focus = +16
Bulls Strength gives +2 and extended Greater Magic Weapon +3, so they appear to have left off the bulls Str
The Hit points appear to have the Bears Endurance, but are 2 short but not included the Toughness feat.

Take my comments with a degree of caution as I have only spent 10 minutes looking at it, and have probably missed things. The principle of my first sentence is correct. Most of the time I just run with the stats as printed as if I had the time to re check every stat block in an AP I would have time to write my own adventures.

Thanks for your analysis. I will work with the general guideline of "before combat" vs. "during combat".
I think it is correct that they didn't add Bear's Strength in this case, since it is an enhancement bonus that doesn't stack with the enhancement bonus of the greater extended weapon. But indeed, figuring all this out takes a lot of effort, and it easier to have a rule of thumb that one can follow, and accept a minor mistake here and there.

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