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Some things I noted in the udpated FAQ for COM nerf quite a few options as well as some clarifications.

1. Biohacker toxicology inhibitor now grants a save to negate.

2. Vanguard accelerate reduces the damage boost to allies.

3. Witchwarper auto-stagger paradigm shift now grants a Fort save.

4. Modify Memory epiphany had its duration cut from "life altering/destroying" to "narratively useful."

5. Quick Cover for operatives requires a move action to grab the upgraded cover, you don't just get it for standing next to something. Since you can't combine this with Quick Trick and you don't want to use a standard action this is a dead ability, I suspect.

6. Quick Trick for operatives now makes it clear you can't move as part of the same standard action trick attack. Still way overpowered.

7. Audacity operative exploit just staggers, doesn't daze. Since an auto succeed move action intimidate is not hard to build even without a take 10, this is still pretty strong.

8. Glitch Step lost the object phasing upgrade that let you walk through things more than 1' thick.

9. Starwright inubrix similarly can't pass through doors and walls, just other(?) solid objects, whatever those might be.

10. Brain Hacker bumped the intelligence target requirement from 1+ to...12+. This is odd.

11. Know Coordinates only gives general, not specific location, but they didn't change the ability of google maps to take you there, so I guess it just takes you to the city center or the park ranger station in the middle of the forest preserve?

12. Optimize Technology doesn't effect constructs, so now it just protects and auto heals equipment and vehicles.

There's other stuff, including a shield rewrite that I need to dig into to see if it's a material change or just a clarification.

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Thanks for pointing these out. Glad to see I won't need to ban a bunch of things anymore.

The biggest nerf of course is to the "Aesthetic Warrior", which has been renamed to "Ascetic Warrior". Looks like some soldiers will be no longer exceptionally beautiful hand-to-hand combatants :)

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One big buff to shields!

Aligning Shields: As a move action when wielding a shield, you can align a shield against a specific enemy you are observing (Core Rulebook 260). This grants you the second shield bonus listed for that shield (see Reading Shield Tables below) against attacks from that enemy until the end of your next turn, and it may have other benefits.

Previously I think two shields said they only gave aligned benefits until the beginning of your next turn, and I don't think the other specified how long it lasted.

However this change does not apply to Solarian shields, which still specify in their class ability that they only last until the beginning of your next turn, and do not reference the general shield rules in a way that would let them pick up this change. Given the way the Solarian shield is probably more offensively potent than they originally intended, not boosting its defense along with regular shields might also be intended? On the other hand flashing strikes doesn't work with unarmed attacks, only melee, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad.

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NOOOOOO!!! My battle ribbons!

What happened to battle ribbons?

Claxon wrote:
What happened to battle ribbons?

He meant Battle Flower. It got stunning strike downgraded to staggering strike.

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Claxon wrote:
What happened to battle ribbons?

It was an aesthetic warrior joke. Sorry for the false alarm

Interesting. Thanks for pointing these out.
Optimize tech seems a lot less useful, especially considering the RP cost.
The brain hacker change seems like a typo personally. 12+ locks out all average intelligence individuals. That just doesn't seem right.

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