Final build for gunblade idea, does this work or is it a lost cause?


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So i took some consideration from people i asked around for what will and will not work, and honestly this is the best i feel i can do. Does this work or is this honestly a lost cause? Cause A LOT of people tried to push weapon finesse but there just isn't enough room. Might have to go 14/14 on str and dex for this one.

Gun Chemist/Mindchemist(Gunblade Adept)
2.Fire Brand
4.Chemical Stability
8.Fast Ordenance
10.Force Bomb
12.Greater Cognatogen

1.Rapid Reload
3.Weapon Focus(Sword Cane Pistol)
5.Empty Quiver Style
Bonus Feat:Point Blank Shot
7.Rapid Shot
9.Empty Quiver Flexibility
11.Deadly Aim
13.Empty Quiver Flurry

You've got a stiletto/sword cane end on that thing. EQ style is not entirely pointless, but a poor deal for 3 feats. If you can't 5' step away or otherwise shoot then frantically stab them; or you could spend feats on making it easier to step away. And don't forget to get precise shot.

Other means of not taking AoOs from firing in melee are to blind the enemy, to get concealment somehow (total concealment isn't necessary), a couple of levels dip in savage tech barbarian (wear a cestus), probably more.

Have u thought about a 2 lvl dip... or looked at the Savage Technologist Barbarian?

Sword and Gun (Ex): At 2nd level, when a raging savage technologist wields a one-handed firearm in one hand and a light or one-handed melee weapon in the other, she can make ranged attacks with the firearm without provoking attacks of opportunity. She also gains the benefits of the Two-Weapon Fighting feat, but only if all attacks are made with those weapons. This ability replaces Uncanny Dodge.

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