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Fly Free or Die

I'm just going to throw this out there. I've been super excited for this since it was first announced. I've read through about 80% of the AP and I've got 2 major observations.
1. Lack of starship combat. We've even got a brand new book out but not a single encounter?

Why couldn't the drift leeches at least be maneuvering around a grav field or space mines or anything that has the least bit of Starship Ops?
At least, that's what's going to happen when I run this.
2. The main antagonists are PF races. We've got 3 (going on 4) Alien Archives. I play PF. I enjoy it. But I certainly want my Starfinder experience to be different, not PF with lasers.
Given these, my head is exploding with ideas to turn this into something much more science fiction/starfindery. My question is, how far can I go before I lose sanctioning.
Don't get me wrong. The story is good, encounters well written and have options. I was just expecting more than a dungeon crawl in offices and warehouses. Especially when Fly Free or Die is the theme.....where's the Flying? Other than downtime in the Drift?


Do you run it for Society or for your own non-society group?
If second: Adapt it as you like ! I also changed some major parts of the AotS AP when I run it, to make it more exciting

I'd like to run it for Society credit.

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You can do society campaign mode and do what you want.

Thanks, that's what I figured. Get the starships back into Starfinder!


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Flyteach wrote:

Thanks, that's what I figured. Get the starships back into Starfinder!


Have you read volume two yet? I was hoping that one would satisfy at least a bit of what you crave, as I set out to really capture what I love about Starfinder in it.

Leo, glad you're here. I'm still working through it. I don't want to give out spoilers or opinions before getting to the whole thing.

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