**Spoilers** Cult of Cinders to Jumanji?

Age of Ashes

Good Day Everyone,

I'm loving the trip into Mwangi, but I am obsessed with movie references and called it Jumanji so many times by mistake I chose to lean into it to make the Mwangi as Jumanji-esque as possible.

This is what I've done so far:

Gerhard is now Van Pelt
Jahsi is now Rufio (I know it's hook, but I couldn't help myself. Ru-fi-o, Ru-fi-o, Ru-fi-o)
Going to add the fireplace plant as a random encounter in one of the hexes
Going to add a stampede in one section
Going to watch the movies again to find out what else i want to add. Definitely want more spiders.

I just came up with this last night so I'm in the process of "editing" the adventure.

What ideas do you guys have to make it more Jumanji-esque?



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