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I'm remaking a character that was a homebrew version of Dragonborn. I remade it once before, but that was another homebrew Dragonborn for a Carrion Crown campaign. That campaign never got past session zero and now I'd like to remake the character once again using an official race.

The Wyvaran is the closest to the original homebrew race. It has Darkvision, Tail Slap, and a Fly speed with -8 to the skill. There's an alternate trait that gets rid of the penalty but also gets rid of the Darkvision and Tail Slap. It also gives a bonuses to AC and Ref, but only against siege weapons. I'm wondering if it's worth taking. I'm going to be using the Magus for most of the class levels.

You don't care about the tail slap. There's no real bonus to using it to take your AoOs, and that's all it can do. The bonuses vs. siege weapons may not ever matter, forget them too. Darkvision is nice but on a magus I'd go with average maneuverability instead; that's the basic trade you're making there.

On a magus +2 Wis -2 Int sucks. Consider a phantom blade spiritualist instead, they're basically a wis-based black blade magus with a weird spell list.

Ok, thanks. I'll go with the alternate trait.

I was actually going to go with Eldritch Scion since I plan on also taking a few levels of Paladin. Phantom Blade looks really cool, but doesn't really fit the theme of the character.

Ok, so I'm definitely going with the alternate trait as I'll be going Dex based. The character is MAD enough already so I don't want to try putting in both Str and Dex.

With a 20 point buy, the best I can see is 11 Str, 14 Dex, 14 Con, 12 Int, 14 Wis, 14 Cha.

I'm going with a starting level of Inspired Blade Swashbuckler for immediate dex to damage. Then 3 levels of ES Magus, netting an arcana. Then 2 levels of Paladin followed by 3 more levels of Magus. After that, I might take a third level of Paladin to get a mercy before going the rest of the way with Magus. Or I might just go with 2 levels of Paladin only and not bother with a third level.

I know I'm taking Fencing Grace as my first feat. Not sure what to take for the rest of them.

Ok. So I'm looking at the traits Indomitable Faith and Blood of Dragons. I might drop my Wis a bit to boost my Dex a bit more so I'll need the Will boost.

I'm going to take Combat Reflexes for my third level feat. Need the extra AoOs for Parry.

Dueling Cape Deed looks fun. I need a free hand for Spell Combat. And even if I use a buckler, I still don't get the shield AC while using said Spell Combat. So this will give me a bit of AC every now and then and I can tangle an opponent in it if they miss an attack. The question will be when do I take it as it needs Dodge as a pre-req.

Battle Cry also seems neat. Use a swift action to give allies a morale bonus on attacks. And since Inspire Courage gives a competence bonus, it stacks!

Aerial Roll seems helpful, giving me a chance to negate an attack against me while I'm flying.

Still looking through the feats.

Fencing grace is one of those feats which doesn't work with spell combat, be warned. The only dex-to-damage ones which escaped that cull are dervish dance (because it was in a book of a type which doesn't get errata) and 3rd party alternatives such as deadly agility.

Seriously? Ugh.

Well, I guess instead of IB Swash, I could go with vanilla Swash. Take Combat Reflexes at level one and Dervish Dance at 3.

Hey, since I'll be using vanilla Swash instead of IB Swash, Weapon Finesse will apply to everything. There's a feat that nets wing attacks. And an arcana that would let me use them with Spell Combat along with my scimitar. If I have the room for the feats, of course.

Virtuoso bravo paladin gets weapon finesse and the cha to saves bonus, though a worse smite evil - dipping less levels is better IMO.

Won't work. I'm already using a Paladin archetype that replaces Smite Evil.

I don't think I'm going with 3 levels of Paladin. Don't really need a Mercy. I think I have the plan up to level 12. That's enough until I get to play him.

1: Bonus Feat: Weapon Finesse
1: Combat Reflexes
3: Dervish Dance
4: Arcana - Familiar
5: Dodge: +1 dodge AC. (Pre-req for Dueling Cape.)
7: Battle Cry
8: Bonus feat: Dueling Cape Deed
9: Boon Companion
9: Arcana - Wand Wielder
11: Aerial Roll
12: Arcana - Accurate Strike

Dunno if you need boon companion, relatively little about a familiar is based off class level. Also while dueling cape deed is likely fun when you consider the cost (1 point of a rather small pool, also an immediate action you may not have to spend as an eldritch scion), the ease of tearing your cloak to shreds (1 attack), and the opportunity cost (not getting a real, magic buckler) it's not worth a feat IMO. Consider Osyluth Guile instead. Or Extra Panache to parry/riposte with.

I'll think about Boon Companion some more. And Dueling Cape Deed. It does look very fun though.

Ok, I'm going to remove Boon Companion. I can't move Aerial Roll forward since it needs 10 ranks in Fly. And won't have the BAB for Critical Focus. So I think I'll put Acrobatic or Cunning in its place. Probably Cunning, I'll need the skill rank.

What feats are there to improve the flight capability?

Skill Focus Fly, Acrobatics give bonuses to the skill.

Careful Flyer lets you avoid fly checks for flying slowly. Hover lets you do the same for not moving at all.

Death From Above gives a bonus to charging while flying.

Flyby Attack is basically Spring Attack in the air.

Graceful Flyer increases fly speed slightly.

There are others.

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