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Rise of the Runelords

Well i had the pc's finally get to Foxglove manner and they found the well.
One player, who had played some video game that for some reason hides all their loot at hte bottom of wells sent the barbarian down the well to look around.
Well this alerted the bat creature and it followed this new food source out and the pc's fought the monster and beat it.
Well they then all went down the well and started exploring.
Of course this lead them RIGHT to the final encounter with the Skinsaw man.
The pc's have none of the clues. They fought and defeated him.
They evil fungus/mold that is the source of the evil in the whole house was burned.
But it was not dispatched that way the module says to do it.
So, the mold will grow back.
So here is my question.
They pc's have indicated they want to search the rest of the house.
That's fine. I can handle that.
but what about the haunts?
The mold was burnt, but not destroyed. But since it's regenerating, do the haunts have lesser power? Or would they be the same?
Or are they dormant?
Any suggestions on how to handle this would be appreciated.

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Been a while since I was running book 2 but the mold is not the cause of the Haunts. Haunts are caused by traumatic events and short of getting rid of the Spirit of Vorel the misgivings will remain haunted.

That said the house is supposed to hype up the story of Vorel and the Foxgloves so lean into that and maybe sprinkle some loot in there as I remember it being pretty light.

However given that they have the info about the cult and Magnimar it could also be fun to throw some murders happening in Magnimar if they drag their feet in the misgivings.

Well considering the next session is on Halloween. I think your suggestion is good. Lean into the haunts and some extra lootz is a good idea.
Thanks for replying.

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