New meaning to the phrase "Holy S***" (Paladins and Smite Evil)

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Just had one of "Those Moments" -- the type of moment that is the reason we game -- in our regular game today that I had to share, we were just dying of laughter.

I'm running the Hells Rebels AP for my regular group and they came up against an end-of-book boss but in very bad shape. Half of them wind up dead, the other two wind up in prison. The players for the two dead characters put together replacements, and one of them goes with a paladin.

Everyone starts in prison, nothing except a loin cloth, straw mat, and a chamber pot.

A couple of the players insist on provoking the guards into a fight, so the guards go after the arcanist, but the paladin is still locked in his cell. With the bars too thin to throw the chamber pot, he grabs a piece of excrement.

We all tell him, "that's not going to do any damage."

He replies, "Ah ha, but I have 'Smite Evil.' I activate it and throw."

We chuckle at the gag, but then he rolls a natural 20. He confirms.

He kills the guard.

We declared this "Holy S***."

While we were all a bit sad to have two PCs die and the players were sad to lose a big fight, the whole session wound up being one of those things we'll be talking about for years.

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