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This is a duplicate of an email I sent in over 2 months ago.

I would like a refund for The Slithering PDF, bought in order #22320564. Nowhere in the description of the adventure does it mention that it's for non-humans only, which makes it all but useless for my group. This is certainly something that should be included in the product description.

Customer Service Representative

Hi alientude,

We do not offer refunds on PDFs that have already been downloaded, however I have passed along your feedback that adventures favoring specific player characters might mention that in the product description.

Some GM advice for this adventure can be found here and here. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Thank you for your prompt response. It's absurd that I waited 2 months for a response to an email and instead got a response on the same day on the forums.

However, I have to say that the response is wholly unacceptable. This adventure is not "favoring specific player characters." It flat out says that humans are not allowed. That's a severe restriction on the use of this product. Having a restriction on a product's use not clearly labeled, then refusing to refund people who cannot use it because of that restriction, is incredibly unfair.

I've been bilked by Paizo, and will buy nothing further from your company because of this.

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