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Having only read book 1, how screwed would a character that wants to deal fire damage be? One of my players is going cosmos oracle (so she'll get spray of stars and moonbeam) but both of those deal fire damage. I don't want her to feel punished for making a flavorful choice, so how frequently would she be able to effectively use these?

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Regardless of edition, Fire is always a 'bad' choice for dealing damage as resistance to it is fairly common.

Offhand, I remember

two major fights where the 'boss' is outright immune to fire (mid-Module #3 & end of #4), and we're still in Module #5.

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You can use fire damage most of the time, especially area fire damage to minions (who will generally be effected normally by it).

That said,

the main bosses of books 4 and 6 are both entirely immune to fire damage, and other immune enemies crop up, so I'd advise that the Oracle in question make sure to have other options to use when fire is a bad idea. They'll definitely have the opportunity to make use of their fire spells, but there will be a few fights where they are basically useless.

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