Need Help Generating Adimarchus in 5e

Shackled City Adventure Path

Hey all! This is my first time posting, despite having read and used a lot of the ideas here to make my campaign a lot better. I have been working under the 13 Cagewrights build, and I have gone to the trouble of making all of the Cagewrights rather than reskinning. I played in this game a long time ago, and really enjoyed fighting Adimarchus as the culmination of the plot. I would like to generate a good interpretation of both forms, and have them each be a legendary creature around Cr20. I don't want to just reskin Archdevils or Demon Princes because I would prefer to capture the unique nature of him. I'm pretty far into the campaign and my group seems determined to see it all the way through, so I would prefer to have a good idea. Please help me get an idea of what to shoot for, and what kind of abilities could port to 5e.

Dark Myrkul is another I'd like to make, but Adimarchus gives me more difficulty and thus I thought I would simply bring him to ask.

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