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This upcoming weekend I'm looking to do an actual play test for the new classes and I would like to run though some official modules since my homebrews usually are pretty curtailed to my own groups and thus are less valuable to testing imo. So anyone have any recommendations?

Ideally I'd like a path with a lot of enemy types and a campaign that covers a wide array of levels so I can sample the new classes at a few different levels. Failing finding a path that does both though, I'd pick up PDFs for a couple few but I'd prefer one package if possible. Basically I'd want the old RoRL which ranged from low levels up to high, but I'd like to stick to something official for testing right now rather than mess around with any conversions of old paths(for right now anyways).

Anyways, thank you for any recommendations in advance!

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As I remember, all post-playtest APs are levels 1-20 currently, but only a few of them are out so far, so choices are limited. There have been advertisements of "half-APs," which are complete adventures for 1-10 and/or 11-20, but that hasn't been released or updated to my knowledge. Can easily be wrong here, though.

That said, if you want a non-2E AP that provides one-shot scenarios at different levels to gauge the classes and require minimal work/conversion, the playtest AP when PF2 was first announced would be my recommendation. This gives you good comparisons of different builds at different levels with no extreme commitment to the characters, and they are relatively balanced and easy to implement as well as convert/update to the current rules.

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