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Is there a check required for the familiar to learn the spell it consumes in 1 hr? The way it reads it seems like no check required.

“Your familiar can learn new spells independently of your patron. It can learn any spell on your tradition’s spell list by physically consuming a scroll of that spell in a process that takes 1 hour. You can use the Learn a Spell exploration activity to prepare a special written version of a spell, which your familiar can consume as if it were a scroll. You and your familiar can use the Learn a Spell activity to teach your familiar a spell from another witch’s familiar. Both familiars must be present for the entirety of the activity, the spell must be on your spellcasting tradition’s spell list, and you must pay the usual cost for that activity, typically in the form of an offering to the other familiar’s patron. You can’t prepare spells from another witch’s familiar."

No, it learns automatically. But you can attempt a check to learn the spell so it does not need to consume the scroll (the witch makes a special one for the familiar this way).

Pathfinder Lost Omens, Rulebook Subscriber

The GM from my scenario earlier today does not seem to agree and still requiring the check to 'Learn a Spell' even though its a scroll that was acquired during the course of the game.

The other question is about the scroll level it can consume. Can it consume higher level spells I can't yet cast just as long as they're on my tradition's list? I guess it does say 'It can learn ANY spell on your tradition's spell list' so I assume that means yes.

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