Book 5 - Looking for ideas on where to go after a TPKO (Spoilers)

Age of Ashes

So my (5) players made it to Katapesh and began doing all sorts of downtime activities, as expected. What I did not expect, was that they immediately went to the Coliseum and started the task Blood on the Sand.

They did really well in the qualifying round, and then quickly goaded the leader into a fight on the next available day. In fact, the Barbarian in our group bet their very lives on the fight as a wager against leadership of the guild. Only after the date was set did a player stop and ask "Wait. Are we really ready for this?" Long story short they prepared the best they could but the dice just were not with them that evening.

They are now in the hands of the Scarlet Triad, defenseless, and valiantly ready to face whatever fate awaits them (since they know they made this mess themselves). I'm currently looking at a prison break scenario at sea. But I was wondering, what would you all do in this situation? Is there something I could do that would be even more fun than a standard prison break game?


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Have they already done Task 1: Liberation? If not, you could have them brought to Manor as slaves to be auctioned off. They manage to break free, and basically do the heist in reverse. They need to free Exavisu and escape, rather than sneak in and free Exavisu. Something like that?

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