Final boss difficulty(spoilers if you hadn't played the last module yet)


Just finished Kingmaker and our party got wiped out in the fight with Nyrissa. We did have the dice and luck against us plus missing some players. Anyone else find her being too op or was she an easier fight for you?

My group had almost no way to counter her fairly basic high-level strategy to the point that only on player could damage her so he was an obvious target.
Due to slight GM fiat, when that character died they were brought back to life quicker than it should've happened.

Bad luck on the right saving throw vs. a high-level caster can completely transform the battle. Like failing a save vs. finger of death could completely bone an average or smaller size party. Or any other save-or-suck that doesn't have an easy remedy.

OTOH, I know a group that beat her in the first round when the melee PC with Briar rolled 2 crits in a row. D&D can be very swingy.

In my game, once the party had weathered her higher-level spells she wasn't all that scary.

Dominate and maze just destroyed us. We were also running low on resources too. But with covid and not everyone being there, the ones that were there were having to handle multiple characters. So at this point I'm personally considering the last module to not have happened and we ended at module 5 instead.

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My group -- a mythic group -- killed her before they were supposed to, so we had a coda instead.

I find the notion of the final mano a mano battle a little unsatisfying. I think there could be an interesting alternate ending where after the first couple blooms (which would have been test runs) she sends actual armies to conquer and hold important places of power in the kingdom. The PCs then need to call on their armies and their allies in a final push to take down Nyrissa and her forces, possibly with Nyrissa teleporting from one batle site to the other and PCs having to follow.

That would have been more satisfying

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If you run it, I think that the Battle of Naglimund in Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn provides a template. The fey armies should be completely terrifying for your average soldier, and it falls to the PCs and other kingdom leaders to rally the troops.

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We were at full resources and beat her with pretty good luck, but yeah Nyrissa is genuinely really hard boss. Heck I would say she is hardest final boss in entire 1e aps so far from my experience

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Her stat block is kinda wild. If you compare it to the average stats for a CR 20 creature, she's got like a 15 to 20 point edge on all saves and a 12 point higher AC. So she's a nightmare to fight fairly. On the other hand, her offenses are weaker than other final bosses (like the one from Rise of the Runelords), and the special rules for confusing her can give the party multiple rounds of leeway to break through those defenses. And if you can take advantage of spells and abilities that let you bypass her defenses, it can be easy.

If you compare her to certain other spellcaster final bosses who can cast 9th level blasts followed by quickened timestop followed by multiple area control spells and self buffs, all before the party acts... Nyrissa's offensive arsenal is pretty mediocre. She's also fought totally alone.

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Yeah but she comes with blindness aura with high dc and mystic theurge stacks great with nymphs

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