Order #26927485 APG misprint issue + Cancel my subscription.

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I am extremely disappointed in Paizo right now.

I sent three emails over the course of four weeks requesting that my APG that was sent to me be compensated or get a new one. There are three emails with picture proof that this Advanced Player's Guide I was sent is just downright awful.

I have received no word back.

So I am trying here now.

I have sent Paizo customer service several emails under this order number about the disastrous state of the book that I received. There is no possible question that this was a factory misprint that fell between the cracks. And I understand these things happen.

And I understand there is a backlog. But I am exhausted and don't have the time to actually go forward and fight this.

After trying to call twice, and four emails (I used to even get an email back after my call was transcribed by bot.) I am done.

Please replace this horrid APG.

And please cancel ALL my subscriptions going forward.

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Do not cancel my subscriptions please.

I was ill-judged with this request.

Customer Service Representative

Hi midknightblu,

Thank you so much for your patience as we work through our backlog. I'm so sorry that your APG arrived misprinted. I did see the photos that you sent via email and I would be happy to set up a replacement book to ship out with your next shipment.

Also, I noticed that you currently don't have a payment method set for your subscriptions. You can set this under your account in your account settings, and once that's done you can reply here and I can get pending order 30171644 out the door for you!

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Bump, I just got my last shipment, was the apg replacement supposed to be on the -next- shipment?

Customer Service Representative

Hi midknightblu,

I apologize as I was waiting for a reply to set up your order on the updated payment method. I have gone ahead and processed your replacement APG and it should ship out tomorrow. Thanks again for your patience!

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