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I'm a newbie at PACG and I've got a question on ROTRL cards interaction.
How do yo manage the City Gate effect (if you fail a combat check, shuffle a random monster from the box into the location deck.) when you discard the Longspear to "reroll a combat check you would fail".
Does the City Gate effect is triggered on first failed roll, even if the reroll is a success ? That would mean that, in the worst case, if you've failed the roll and the reroll, the effect is triggered twice and 2 monsters are added in the location deck.
Or do you consider as if the first roll had never occured because, in any case, you have to keep the reroll result, so the City Gate effect may be triggered only on the reroll ?
Please excuse my poor English.

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City Gate would not happen unless the reroll from Longspear also fails. Rerolls are still part of making the check, and things that trigger when a check succeeds or fails happen after the check is fully made.

Thanks a lot !

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