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I'm pretty new to the world of VTTs, so I'm struggling to figure this out. I'm trying to get the maps from my PDF into a VTT. Previously, what I would do is just take a screen snip of the PDF image itself, and it would work fine. However, this leaves the lettering of locations still on the map, and I'd like to avoid that.

Sometimes I'm able to copy paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) the map image and it looks fine, and the location lettering is removed. However, with the Slithering, when I do that, the maps get very squished. How do I get the dimensions of the map correct to import it into a VTT?

Which VTT? If it's Foundry, the PDF to Foundry tool will enable you to import the maps directly, sans markings.

Otherwise, allegedly Tokentool lets you do it, but I've had uh.... non-stellar experiences at it.

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You can select the images and copy paste them into Paint or Gimp etc. Foxit can do this as can Adobe.

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I hope in the future we can get clean copies of the full-res maps as files along with the pdf purchase. Post-covid, many of us are pure-VTT now.

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