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Similar to other 101 threads, hopefully this thread will helpfully inspire ideas for Witch patrons to people interested in playing the witch class.

1 - Owl: A member of the Magic Warriors of the Maga'ambya, Owl (so-called for the owl mask that they wear) is a fairly taciturn teacher who has taken on apprentices who have found limited success with the more traditional ways of teaching arcane and primal magic.
Theme(s): Rune, Wild

2 - Margenax: Margenax is an ancient brine dragon who has made his home in the frozen seas off the coast of the Realms of the Mammoth Lords. Living within the frozen waters of the North for many years has greatly influenced the primal magic that Margenax wields, and she teaches young witches who she believes will provide stability to her realm or will increase the size of her hoard.
Theme(s): Winter

3 - Talmandor: The empyreal lord Talmandor, patron of the nation of Andoran, will send familiars to instruct young witches who support the ideals of the (relatively) young nation. Such witches tend to join one of the factions of the Eagle Knights, with quite a few being members of the Twilight Talons due to that faction's tendencies to operate in the shadows.
Theme(s): Fervor

4 - Eyes-Full-Of-Wisdom: Eyes-Full-Of-Wisdom is a Yamaraj, one of the most powerful of the psychopomps who work to keep the River of Souls on its rightful course. Occasionally, they will catch glimpses of individuals who will be able to influence this flow, for good or ill. When this happens, Eyes-Full-Of-Wisdom will send one of the lesser psychopomps under their control to guide that individual towards a fate that will send that river on its correct course.
Theme(s): Fate, Fervor

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