Help me find a dungeon I can place in Urgir.


Orselif Campaign, dont look at this.

I am GMing for a group of 3 level 9 players, who will be shortly entering Urgir (in Hold of Belkzen) along with 100+ allied settlers (orcs have given permission). Urgir is a the former sky citadel that used to have like hundreds of thousands of dwarves but after the orcs took over, its population has fallen to like 30k, so a lot of the city is empty. Therefore it makes sense for a lot of uncleared dungeons to be about. I'm trying to make/re-purpose a dungeon for my purposes. Originally I found "The Black Monastery," which I really liked. However, it seems too much like a mega-dungeon, and will take more time and advance my PCs much more levels than I want it to.

does anyone have any advice on dungeons (possibly 3rd party, 3.x, or taken from a pathfinder module/adventure path.

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