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Another question on the Elixir of Energy Resistance.

From my reading of the rules, it looks like the card can be displayed indefinitely. It doesn't say that it gets banished at the end of the turn. It only gets banished if used for its second power while displayed.

So I could, if desired, leave it displayed for the remainder of the scenario - letting it reduce energy damage by 1. Yes?

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Also, while displayed, it doesn't count as being in my hand any more, so I don't count it when drawing up to my hand size when resetting.

I'm already rather confident on that ruling, just putting it here for anyone searching the forums for notes/tricks with this card.

And I guess one more trick. Even if I am not proficient with the card, as long as I don't banish it for its power, it will still be available in my deck when rebuilding. Not so important for this one since it is a level zero card - I could just pull it back out of the vault when rebuilding.

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First question - yes, it is not in your hand anymore once it is displayed, similarly to armors, some allies, spells and items.

Second question - unfortunately, no it isn't. The rules clearly state that at the end of the scenario, you must attempt to recover displayed cards. So unless you succeed in Craft 7 check (or do Damiel-like shenanigans), it is banished at the end of scenario.
Don't forget that you can take that card from the vault when rebuilding only if you don't have enough items to rebuild your decks.

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