Boston Metro Con 2020 -- Sept 26th

Online Play

2/5 5/5 ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Massachusetts—Boston

Hello, we'll be hosting a one day online convention on Sept 26th.

While player sign-ups are still a couple days to a week away, we're conducting a broader call for GMs right now. We're especially in need of a couple of PFS1 or SFS GMs.

Review our GM expectation document
which includes links to our Discord and Warhorn.

Review the schedule

Fill out this form

Thank you, and let me know if you have any questions. We'll post again when player sign-ups open in general.

2/5 5/5 ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Massachusetts—Boston

We're open for player sign-ups: Our Warhorn


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The GM Expectation document link is broken (even when I remove the extra html junk from the front so it's a valid link, Google docs says the doc doesn't exist).

2/5 5/5 ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Massachusetts—Boston

Can't edit it, but here's a new attempt:

Boston Metro Con 2020 GM Information and Expectations

2/5 5/5 ***** Venture-Lieutenant, Massachusetts—Boston

Our convention is only a week away. There are still some openings for players. I'll be starting to cancel tables that only have 0-1 players early next week, so if you've been hesitating, make sure to make a decision soon!

Warhorn link with more information

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