Kobold new initiates ... Introduce yourselves here.

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Liberty's Edge 5/5 5/5 ** Venture-Lieutenant, Indiana—Martinsville

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Hello, I am starting a new thread to those from the great clan the Sewer Dragons (and other kobolds) that have expanded their horizons to become members in the Pathfinder Society to introduce themselves.

I will start with Oar. Post below.

Horizon Hunters 5/5 5/5 **

You see a gold scaled kobold with light armor on, a couple of table legs at his side along with a sickle. He smiles weakly and looks at the team.
"You now speak to Oar. He was once a part of the great clan of The Sewer Dragons of Absolam, though now is a member of the Pathfinder Society, by the grace of her magnificent, Yiddlepod. You have questions for Oar, and doubt in yourself. Oar sees a strange dichotomy in you... as he does in all would be heroes. Speak to Oar, so that he grants you wisdom in return, or turn from Oar and seek wisdom in thyself."

5/5 5/55/5 ***

A small-statured, blue-scaled kobold scribe records the introductions.

"Psst.. It's 'Chief Yiddlepode'... And the city is pronounced 'Absalom'.. And..." he continues to make minor corrections every time somebody speaks.

He bears myriad lumps, scars and bruises on his head, but nobody wonders why.

Envoy's Alliance 1/5 5/5

A red-scaled trueblood wears a sickle on her left hip and a hand crossbow on her right.

"Hark. Hark heal, but no heal stupid -- yet. Is job. Hark tried healing old fire god once and it no go so good. Hark now heal lots even when Hark no want to heal. Hark now here to heal Pathfinder Snarl. No try to heal Hark with magic if Hark healing you good. Use special mixes in Hark's pouch to keep Hark from dying, please."

Grand Lodge 5/5 5/5 **

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A pink scaled kobold comes into the room, sits down and sighs.
"I don't know of I am still a kobold, but since the accident, I ooze. I Nick Nack.
Pleased to meet you... oh darn..."

You see the kobold melt into an ooze in the chair. "Oops, I stayed me to long." He brings out a bucket from within himself, and climbs into it.

"I still PF1 Kobold... Ooze? Uh, yeah."

Vigilant Seal 4/5 5/55/5 ****

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A blue-scaled kobold carrying a very large pick enters the room. "We are DRAGONs, and better yet, we are Sewer Dragons. All the other Pathfinders should be deferring to us and our obvious superiority.

"Did I not take out 4 enemies on four swings of my greatpick last adventure? Damned straight I did... didn't even have to rage for it. Our enemies practically wet themselves in fear over what I would do to them. As it should be!"

A shadowy green-black figure comes out, and reveals itself to be a translucent Kobold in a tunic, wielding a battered Pistol.

Is Tarka too late to introduce herself? Tarka is of the Thunderscales Tribe! Find pistol in annual triceratops freedom raid prank, in the Thunderscales Warrens, of Mediogalti Island! Me gunslinger!

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