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Last week I posted our new website over in the general discussion forums of pathfinder 1. In the meantime we've been hard at work making a version of the duel program that works with the PF2 mechanics. The reactions are a bit of a pain in the neck to program for, and at current only 3 of them included. We intend to include more in the future so let us know if any in particularly are immediately missed.

As for the other stuff, some of it is definitely usable for PF2. Settlement rules are based on first edition, but fairly universally applicable. NPCs, Advantage/Disadvantage, etc can be used for anything.

Hope you all enjoy!

EDIT: The URL tag does not seem to work for my link. Anyone know why that is?

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But change to square brackets

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Leitner wrote:
The URL tag does not seem to work for my link. Anyone know why that is?

Are you using the square brackets required by BBCode?

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Mellored wrote:


But change to square brackets

Strange, that is what I was trying. Although I was doing


I assume it needs to be the entire URL as a clickable link

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Leitner wrote:
I assume it needs to be the entire URL as a clickable link

No, you can have any text you like


Works for me

Very strange. I'm like 99% sure what is what I was doing. But regardless, thanks for the clickable link.

Hope everyone enjoys.


This weeks update has added a pathfinder 2 character generator. Randoms between race, class, background, and weapon. With a currently 25% chance for a heritage on any given character.

Currently a fairly small selection of backgrounds implemented, but hopefully we'll be adding more over time. Given the randomness these definitely are not all particularly optimal. I had a dwarf witch earlier with 12 int.

Otherwise should be good to go. If anyone sees any errors please let me know.

We haven't been able to update the site quite as quickly as we would like. Online school has started and keeping our son on track eats up a lot of my wife's time.

But we have added a monster generator that will give you some basic stats for a monster between CR -1 to 24. Small disclaimer: It randoms values between terrible and extreme for all stats, so something can turn out slightly strong or weak for a given CR.

If anyone has some new generators they'd like to see or priorities for converting the old ones please let us know.

EDIT: And some bug fixes for the duel script courtesy of FuriousThrune so you can more accurately test your character builds.

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Added to my resource site.

Can't wait for the monster2 to be ready... :-)
"Updated on 23 September 2022"

Falco271 wrote:

Added to my resource site.

Very cool thanks.

Falco271 wrote:

Can't wait for the monster2 to be ready... :-)
"Updated on 23 September 2022"

Lol, oops. Fixed.


This month's update features a bit of a facelift. We've ended up with significantly more tools/tabs than we'd initially expected or planned on making. So with the side bar getting excessively cluttered, my wife has condensed the various pages into some drop-down menus based on PF1/PF2/generic programs. Hopefully everyone finds this new look easier to navigate and use.

As for the new program, you might already be aware of it if you were following the discussion over at Treasure Horde Generator but loot2 is officially available for use.

I'd again like to thank everyone over there for the awesome suggestions, making the it bigger and better than I'd have managed on my own.

In that vein, we have made a discord server. Anyone who wants to see upcoming projects or has some ideas, suggestions, bugs, or just wants to follow the discussion is welcome. discord

Of course I try to check in here often as well. As always hope everyone enjoys!

Oh and we've also added a quick sewer fight to the encounters tab.

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The Trap2 generator is now officially live. Provides a CR 0-24 trap with a group of random features and options including additional consequences of failure, triggers, trap type, etc.

Dungeon2 is a pretty basic and convenient. Generates a quick dungeon between 2-12 rooms based on size and pulls from loot2, trap2, and monster2 to generate their respective outputs with a small chance of a hidden room/compartment.

We will hopefully now be turning out attention to consumables2 for generating quick potions, scrolls, etc on the fly.

As usual let me know if there are any issues and enjoy!



Consumables2 is now live. It will generate a level 1-10 scroll of any magic tradition. I mentioned it already in the treasure horde generator thread, but Loot2 has also been updated so it now gives specific scrolls instead of generic X level spell scrolls.

With that we have finally converted all of our pathfinder 1 programs over to second edition(Other than settlement/kingdom, but PF2 doesn't seem to have much to work with for that yet).

Off hand I can't think of any other tools that would be super helpful to create, but we are always open to suggestions. We'll probably be turning our attention to providing general quality of life updates for the existing scripts.

If there is anything anyone would like to see, please let us know.

Happy GMing/Playing!



Hey everyone, our family took a bit of a break for the holidays. But we are back with another update. This month's is mostly small quality of life additions. But since the major projects are all
knocked out, that will probably be the norm most months.

Here is what's new and improved:

New encounter with Avindrax, a crafty young black dragon with a big
home field advantage.

Additional resource section has been greatly expanded. Now includes
links to paizo blog materials for more quick/ready to run ideas. Links have also been added for other popular resources and guides to make session prep even easier.

Added the gunslinger and inventor options to the PF2 character generator.

Not as relevant here, but, updated PF1 trap generator to behave more like PF2 version.

As always, if anyone has any questions, suggestions, ideas, comments, concerns, or any other relevant synonym feel free to reach out either here or at our discord.

On a totally unrelated to pathfinder note, during the holidays I
assumed myself by making a fairly small old school text adventure. If I can find an easy way to add it to the website I was thinking
of throwing it on there, maybe with a special encounter/scenario provided as a reward for finishing it. That is of course provided anyone would be interested in this.

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So, it's been a while. And if anyone has been using these programs I apologize for not posting updates. We've had some family situations that for better or worse are now resolved.

That being said, there has been some glacial progress on stuff. A few more encounters posted, the monster generator for pathfinder 2e has more granularity. The trap generator has undergone a similar upgrade although it isn't fully live yet and can only be seen on the /test page.

Additionally /spellbook has a wizard spellbook generator.(I seem to overuse wizards for villains/npcs and have to constantly make spellbooks for loot). So I badly needed this tool, and hopefully it helps some of you too. It isn't fully done, as always feedback welcome.

Right now, mostly focused on small improvements to the various programs and probably a bulk dice roller for situations where you find yourself with 9+ npcs rolling a lot of checks(probably not me).

Hey everyone. Only a small update this month. The bulk dice roller is up for situations where you need a bunch of guards rolling perception checks or what not.

Few quality of life changes such as better formatting for mobile devices.

And a new encounter I originally created in PF1, now updated to PF2 where the PCs must escape a dungeon with a crushing wall right on the PCs heels.

Crushing Corridor


EDIT: Wizard Lizard Also Wizard Lizard a skill challenge involving a wizard's familiar has been linked as we forgot to add the url to the encounters page previously.

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We here at LeitKnightGaming have some unfortunate news to share. Due to lack of interest, we're gonna have to close down the site.

No, not really. Happy April Fool's Day everyone.

That being said, not a whole lot to update for this month. We've a new encounter Festive Facade posted to the webpage that I ran a year or two ago involving the PCs trying to guess who's who in a Masquerade ball. A fun(imo) non-combat encounter that makes a decent way to introduce some NPCs, factions, or storylines to your players. Incidentally it pairs well, and indeed was run in conjunction with encounter #8 Magic Maze.

Now, onto business. My wife and I started these programs to make our job GMing easier. And it 100% has done so, however, we're kinda at a point where we've made everything that we personally have felt a need for. I can see a lot of people are using the programs(Especially Loot2)

So, we're looking for some feedback or requests. Have an idea for some new generator or additional feature? Something that would make one of them more user friendly? We'd love to here it.

Semi monthlyish update time.

This month's encounter is a wacky combat aboard a crashing alchemical dragon. Airship Attack

The level 1 character generator has also been greatly enhanced. Now with extra races, classes, heritages, backgrounds. Even some neat optional quirks or archetypes that can be added in for extra flavor or customization.
Character 2

The next big project is a shop generator. Discussion on it can be found here if anyone has cool ideas or requests. Shop gen

And finally, the webpage footer has been fixed! There was an issue where it sometimes showed up covering part of the text especially on longer results(like the dungeon generator). If the old footer is showing up, it may require a cache refresh(cntl+shift+R on chrome)

EDIT: Although if you do see a page with the old footer, please let us know so we can fix it.

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Okay... I know it's been a long while. Wife and I have been quite busy lately, but we have not forgotten you. Website action has still been ongoing periodically and traffic has picked up considerably.

The big news is that the long needed visual rework is live! For PC users this won't really change much, but everything is significantly cleaner and more user friendly on mobile devices.

Some other minor updates are a few new encounters have been posted. A trap and chase sequence I ran some time ago respectively.

Ydersius Yawning

Cheeky Chase

I'm also giving Dungeon 23 a shot. For those not familiar the premise is you write one room of a dungeon every day for the year ending up with a 365-room mega dungeon. I'll try to update the actual site every fortnight or so. The first weeks results can be found here and I'll be posting the next weeks room soon.

EDIT: And maybe a settlement/kingdom generator for PF2 since kingmaker has the rules for it. At least if it seems like a worthwhile project or something people might want.

Future work: I might do a quick and easy festival generator. Obviously dungeon23 will be ongoing, and of course additions to the current generators.

What about the shop generator I hear you cry?! I know... I know. It is still on my to-do list. Some parts of it are a pain in the butt(the weapon generation mostly). But it'll happen someday.

Think that's everything for now. Big thanks to everyone that is using the site and suggesting feedback. We're honestly blown away at our small hobby page getting hundreds of uses per day from thousands of unique visitors and dozens of countries. If someone from Greenland wants to use the site that'd be awesome, would fill out a big section of our world map(mostly kidding)

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