SFS #3-04 The Vast Experiment: Falling into Deliverance

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Handout #2 as laid out in the scenario is not particularly suitable as a handout for players.

For GMs running on VTTs, you could take a screenshot (zoomed out of course) of your actual map while in player mode (so all your super-sekrit GM notations don't show up), suitably crop and save that as an image, to use as the player handout.

Or just do without the handout altogether, by simply not using fog-of-war/dynamic lighting on the actual map, which will have pretty much the same effect.

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I have to wonder if the chronicle sheet is in error.

As written, if you run this in subtier 7-8, you're supposed to cross off the subtier 5-6 items, including the unique item.

If it instead said "All subtiers" and then "7-8" it would be different.

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As written, the SFS guide (or at least the version available right now) says "if you’re running the lower subtier, cross out all of the items listed for the higher subtier" (p. 16, Step 7 of Filling Out a Chronicle Sheet).

It doesn't say cross out the lower subtier items if you're running the higher subtier.

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I've been trying to think of the best scary place to have the brood attack event. My best plan so far is having the PCs get into the A12 lift and have ichor dripping from above as they look up and the brood drops down into their midst, so they're stuck in the elevator for a round as it descends before they can spread out.

If they're crawling between A7A and A7B and it's hard to regroup seems like another good opportunity to play on the isolation fear.

Anyone else have a good suggestion for ambush sites?

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Why did you make cool level 9 armor, then put it in a game that level 9's can't play?

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James Anderson wrote:
Why did you make cool level 9 armor, then put it in a game that level 9's can't play?

For when the level 5-8's level up to 9.


Now, I'm a little confused about the atmosphere for the descent bit. Anyone care to make an educated guess?

I was looking up things to compare to in EARTHLING HOOMAN LOGICS, but space research centres are waaaaaaay above clouds here. And I'm so confused.

I'm trying to figure the atmosphere out for special abilities (like the Sarcesian's Void Flyer - which says it operates in /a vacuum/, but doesn't mention perfect or partial vacuum); as I'm lenient about this stuff, I thought prudent to ask the Senpais or anyone who may have knowledge on how atmospheres work beyond my level of "clouds are pretty, and I don't really know much more than the relative height of stuff" knowledge.

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The 7-8 Ion Ghost has lower saves (F12 R8 W5) than the 5-6 Ion Ghost (F13 R9 W6).

Is this correct?

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