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I'm trying to create a custodian-type character that would be SFS-legal (and avoid the Icon theme).

Unfortunately, I'm kind of hitting a brick wall here in terms of Themes and Classes.

Does anyone have thoughts as to how it could be done?

Thank you for your time in advance

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Not a whole lot of famous janitors so.. not really sure what kind of custodian you're looking for?

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Someone who cleans as their Profession/Day Job, but has a Class behind it and possibly a Theme.

Character Inspiration


Rough working backstory/idea:
Jay was a custodian working for AbadarCorp when the Starfinder Society offered a much better deal to her adoptive family. Despite having elfin characteristics, calling her one is sure to provoke a negative reaction. Now she's in the Society, cleaning up the messes one mission at a time...


For some reason I was thinking of Victor the Cleaner from La Femme Nikita when I read the thread title.

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Yeah, that sounds fitting for you, from what you've told me. I'd say a Quartermaster for theme from Near Space could work. Maybe a soldier (hit and run, or squad) or a mechanic (experimental melee weapon)?

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Those are good ideas, and looking further I found this line in (of all things) the Bureaucrat Theme (also from Near Space) description...

Near Space, page 137 wrote:
As a bureaucrat working for a governmental agency, you have become knowledgeable regarding your agency’s field. Choose one of the following skills that most closely relates to your governmental agency: Culture, Life Science, Mysticism, Physical Science, or a Profession skill (other Intelligence-, Wisdom-, or Charisma-based skills might apply at the GM’s discretion)

Still not sure about class yet, Soldier feels a bit too 'solid', and Mechanic(Prototype) seems too limiting to 'one' thing versus 'cleaning all the things'...

Thanks to everyone for the feedback thus far!


Wei Ji the Learner wrote:

Still not sure about class yet, Soldier feels a bit too 'solid', and Mechanic(Prototype) seems too limiting to 'one' thing versus 'cleaning all the things'...

Well, a Drone Mechanic might have a Roomba drone. Added points to have a Creature Companion in a Pet Carrier armor slot on the drone, so your "cat" can ride the Roomba.

Oh jeez, now I kind of want to make that character.

Alternatively, an Exo-Cortex mechanic would be able to vector all possible avenues of attack on cleaning a room.

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A Witchwarper who focuses on shifting the mess to alternate realities...

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A trash can rolls into the conversation, suddenly sprouting arms and legs. "Hey, good to see more people be interested in keeping things clean." Trusty nods to everyone. "Some people look down on us maintenance folk, and I say... let 'em. THEY NEED US. We do the work that needs doin'. We clean up their messes, take out the garbage, and heck... We can even trash talk the competition!"

Trusty is a spy operative -- so he can disguise himself as maintenance crew or other maintenance bots. He's also a proud corporate agent for Poshkettle Tea. If you ever need an internship, look him up!

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Can I propose: a biohacker with an obsession in getting everything so completely clean and sterile, they had to design their own cleaning agents? And then just lean into the "out, dammed spot!" schtick.

"Sure, you've probably enjoyed a spotless space-commode before. You've maybe even had the pleasure of a six-sigma multiplanarly sterilized space-commode. But I promise you, your excretory organs will never forget their time with a space-commode cleaned with a syringe-spear loaded with my special formula φ9.

Let me assure you, Sapient - if The Gossamer King himself came down and defiled this space-commode, after Phinine - I would eat my lunch off of it."

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I had toyed with the idea of Witchwarper but it feels a bit 'contrived' and hard to hammer into place. Thoughts on this further?

I'm using Mystic (Geneturge) Medic Biotechnician on my Kalo follower of Oras, and biohacker kind of cuts close to that.

And to Trusty's player: This character is out in the open and a bit intimidating when they get angry, they kind of have problems with folks hiding dirt and trying to pretend that things don't need cleaning up, etc. I can't see them fitting the 'sneak around *pretending* to be a part of the custodial staff given how *focused* they are.

It's a nice idea, but not *quite* the feel I was looking for.

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Unfortunately, I gave you all I had there. A lot of my concepts start out pretty one-note and only grow into something more in play...

The other "idea" I've got is Vanguard, but I need to look at the mechanics more to solidify that idea if I can.

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That's an interesting idea.

Thank you for following up... does anyone have thoughts/ideas or extrapolation of previous ones?

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