Trying to build Robo (Chrono Trigger) completely stumped, need help


I've been working on this for about 5-ish hours and i'm completely stumped, best i can figure for race is to convert the warforged or use forgeborn from dreamscarred, but that's secondary to his class and maybe items, i am at a loss for what to make him. any help would be appreciated, thanks all

Why don u use unMonk as his class. As for start items something that improve his wisdom and his martial

Are you designing him as a PC or as a NPC companion?

As a NPC companion, it be easier. He's an awakened clockwork servant with the robot subtype.

Give him alchemist levels due to his bombs. Replace net and give him 2 slam attacks. Reflavor extracts and alchemist discoveries as techs.

Recommend bomb discoveries (healing bomb, rocket bomb, reflavor scrap bomb as bludgeoning damage and replace bleed with knockback 5 ft with Ref to resist knockback. The reflavored scrap bomb is now rocket punch.)


If you plan to play him as a PC race, look at the SRO from starfinder. Convert that to Pathfinder. Take two levels of brawler and the rest in alchemist.

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