Something going on with pacg?

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I was just trying to navigate paizo website for pacg.....and saw that pacg was off of paizo's from page? Is there news about the game we haven't been told yet or is the site down????? Any ideas?

The link in the header is still there:

Adventure Card Game

No announcements at gen con this looks like the end. Sad

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An entire new season of Pathfinder Adventure Card Society organized play launched at Gen Con. If the product line is dead, developing and releasing a new Storybook/Adventure Path (albeit for an existing set of cards rather than a new expansion box) seems like an odd way of going about it.

AKA no, PACG isn’t dead. The pace of new physical releases is just slower than it was pre-Core. Part of this was driven by retailers who were complaining that there were way too many PACG products consuming their shelf space.

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