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Hi, I am new to the group and we just got the pathfinder adventure card game core set (green box) and I am wondering what adventure should we get as an expansion? Is there an order? Do you just start buying decks? Is there a point of buying character expansions or do you get the story expansions that come with some characters? There just seems to be so much.

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The only expansion compatible with the Core set (green box) currently on the market is Curse of the Crimson Throne. No other expansions for Core have been announced yet (although that may change once GenCon Online rolls around, but that is just speculation on my part).

All of the other base sets (Rise of the Runelords, Skull & Shackles, Wrath of the Righteous, and Mummy's Mask) are standalone games. These collectively use an older version of the rules and card templates, whereas Core (and Curse of the Crimson Throne) had an overhaul of the rules and how the fronts of the cards look.

The Class Decks you see are meant to expand the characters you can play with (if you get bored of the pack-in characters) and were originally the only way to participate in Pathfinder Adventure Card Society organized play. Pick them up if you wish, but they're 100% optional (not even needed for PACS anymore). They do not include any scenarios.

Speaking of PACS, there are a number of PACS adventures compatible with Core and Curse of the Crimson Throne. These are exclusively available on paizo.com as PDFs and provide additional scenarios to get some more mileage out of the sets you purchased. While they're designed for PACS organized play, you can play them just fine with the home game rules:

Awesome thanks for the info, exactly what I was looking for!!

skizzerz wrote:
  • We Be Heroes? (4 scenarios - requires Core only)
  • This is more like 1.5 scenarios, but it's free - so a good deal regardless.

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