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Hi All!

We beat the queen and are onto the bonus round. In the instructions it states when we defeat the big bad and there are any cards left in the siege pile we "banish 1d4 cards from it and shuffle him back into it."

Safe to assume we banish those 1d4 cards from the TOP of the siege pile? I feel like this has to be the case but it doesn't specify.


I think so. You usually don't have the option to choose cards. Unless you are scouting ahead and *know* about the next N cards, it does not matter what position are you banishing from.
Top of the siege pile sounds the most plausible. I wouldn't play it any other way.

yeah in our case we are often aware of what the top card is (i'm playing the investigator) but I can't image we can pull the 1d4 cards from anywhere in the deck we feel like. seems like that would never be the intent, but i'm surprised they didn't specify "top"

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The RULES: DEALING WITH CARDS sidebar on page 8 of the Core Set Rulebook explains it.


...When you draw a card from a facedown stack, such as a character's deck, a location, the hourglass, or any other stack the game tells you to create, draw from the top of the stack.

...This applies to actions other than drawing...

ah thank you. i figured it was somewhere in the rules but couldn't find it. the funny part is we ended up not running into the issue (just finished an hour ago). After using my examining ability (playing the investigator) I found the dragon early on, and used The Twin (blessing) to evade him and recharge him into the siege deck. we managed to not fail against any subsequent banes in the siege deck so he stayed on the bottom until we were ready to encounter him. good times :)

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