Level 8 Witch - 8K to spend


In my Tyrant's Grasp campaign we have finally been able to do some shopping, and honestly I am at a lose on what to spend my final 8000gp on.

My notable equipment is

Cloak of Resistance (+2)
Bracers of Armor (+2)
Ring of Protection (+1)
Headband of Vast Intelligence (+4)
Eyes, Deathwatch
Cackling Blouse
Lesser Metamagic Rod of Extend Spell
Pearl of Power (2nd level)

*The reason why I don't have a Necklace of Natural Armor is because as a Scarred Witch Doctor I have Scarshield which unfortunately does not stack

With access to a lot of those utility spells like, Remove Blindness/Curse etc, my party paid for me to learn those to benefit all

What do you think I should (If I should) spend my remaining 8000gp on?

*I can enchant things soon

Consumables and a magical bag to hold them in. The number of times I've managed to get out of a tight spot with a consumable item is too numerous to count.

Maybe a ring of sustenance. Those are really good for casters.

handy haversack
wand of cure light wounds
cloak of the hedge wizard
brooch of shielding
traveler's any-tool
continual flame (heightened to 4th level) cast on something coverable
decanter of endless water
iron cobra
robe of infinite twine (more convient in belt form)
ring of prestidigitation
Sleeves of many garments
Hat of Disguise
heavyload belt
muleback cords

all good options

Boots of escape if your GM (or this AP) really likes grappling monsters.
Lesser metamagic rod of selective spell if you have some good area spells.
Handy haversack because those are just...handy.
If your AC isn't totally outclassed already then a +1 mithral buckler.
A belt of Con or Dex is on the big six list too.

Personally I'd likely get the rod, the haversack and some consumables (floating feather token, potion of lesser restoration, a few lesser talismans, various alchemical tricks) as I think DeathlessOne suggests.

A small poppet with all the upgrades is only 5,800 gp. Integrating a handy haversack with waterproof closures will cost another 1,000 gp.

A minion with a ton of movement options, storage, and quick access to items can be a lifesaver.

Later having it enchanted with Shrink Item for 7,500 gp and adding the tattoo ability to the command token is killer.

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Buy some scroll an try to anex the spell into your familiar

Just noticed you don't have a stone familiar! At 3,000 gp for 500 spell levels worth of storage they are a must have!

Silver Crusade

I would consider either upgrading your cloak to +3, or a con belt.

Zotpox wrote:
Just noticed you don't have a stone familiar! At 3,000 gp for 500 spell levels worth of storage they are a must have!

As a Scarred Witch Doctor I don't have a Familiar

Stone Familiar
Aura faint abjuration; CL 3rd; Weight 2 lbs.; Slot none; Price 6,000 gp
This life-sized carving of a Tiny animal is crafted from dark, rough stone. It has a hardness of 8 and 20 hit points. A witch can use the stone familiar to store up to 500 levels of spells (cantrips count as 1/2 level for this purpose). A witch can use the stone familiar to teach her living familiar any spells stored in it, and vice versa. A witch who identifies a stone familiar immediately knows what spells are stored inside it. A stone familiar is never found as randomly generated treasure with spells already stored in it.
Feats Craft Wondrous Item, share memory; Special creator must be a witch; Cost 3,000 gp

Your Fetish Mask acts in all ways like a witch’s familiar for the purpose of preparing and gaining spells.

@ZotpoxLike Minigiant I often play witches and I thought I knew most of the tricks. Evidently not. Stone Familiar is an excellent idea in that it reduces the effect of a witches nightmare, their familiar biting the big one.

@ MinigiantLesser metamagic rods are often some of the best value magic items. I can't suggest which rod as I don't know what spells you use or have.

When you get to craft, a belt of physical might, dex and con, is within your budget. Not dying is good.

If you can scrape up sum extra cash.

A half length rope of entanglement bonded to an immovable rod with the Greater distracting and impervious enchantments suitable for use as a whip costs 13,250 gp.

Excellent for dealing with pesky casters.

Or for the truly discerning witch.

Basic Homunculus 1,050 gp

Improved Construction

+1 HD 2,000 gp

Voice 500 gp

Resistance (as per spell +1 to all saves) 500 gp

Poison DC enhance (pernicious poison spell) (witch hex [drugged] to enhance)provided by witch

Barf tangle foot bag via witch spell: adhesive spittle x 30 potion CL 1 3 x per day 1,500 gp (this is poisoned as well)

Total 5,550 gp

Buy more Pearls of Power.

Here are some cheap magic items to check out: Eyes of the Eagle, Handy Haversack, Rod of Reach (Lesser), Boots of the Cat, Four Leaf Clover, Hat of Disguise, Clockwork Songbird
Also: Ioun Stone (Dusty Rose Prism (cracked)) [+1 comp initiative checks]
Also: Ioun Stone (Magenta Prism (cracked)) [+2 competence bonus on checks with any one skill you choose, can be changed once per day]
Also: Ioun Stone (Pale Green Prism (cracked)) [+1 comp attack or saves]


Sovereign glue and universal solvent are often overlooked. Very situational but always amazing when needed.

Feather tokens are the same. I have used trees to block off hallways and get out of/avoid traps.

You don't always have to buy things that you can use. I have bought used wands of make whole and scrolls of helpful spells. If you can Use Magic Device on them, then they are even more useful. If not, pull them out at an opportune time and see your party cleric/wizard's eyes go wide.

Strange thought: an additional 8k worth of spells?

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