Which species in Pathfinder has the greatest culinary skills?

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This might be a strange question but let me give some backstory.

In my homebrew campaign setting, the material plane is sealed off from the outer planes.

To get around summon monster spells; I have a gigantic demiplane prison full of outsiders that spellcasters can still summon things from (and a ruthless organisation that prowls the inner planes hunting for rogue outsiders to add to it)

I was thinking it would be funny if spells like ‘heroes feast’ are also summoned from the prison plane. What are the best creatures to use to make gourmet meals all day?

I would imagine it would be a race that enjoys food and drink, so something along the lines of a halfling or a tanuki. Of course, tanuki have the ability to cast create food and water so that could get into a chicken and the egg type question since, who makes the food created by their ability?

I'm also guessing with your setup, the spell dream feast brings you to the food instead of the other way around.

Who's cuisine reigns supreme?

But seriosuly, I bet Iron Chef is huge in the inter-planar prison. You'd get all kinds of exciting ingredients there.

Rather than picking one Outsider race that creates ALL food for such spells, why not play off the prison aspect as well as the variety of DIFFERENT races?

Create Food and Water summons food that is nourishing but not particularly interesting. This spell represents going through the chow line and eating the unenticing gruel and swill that the prison serves those inmates capable of eating.

Moving on to Hero's Feast, you don't always get the SAME feast. Perhaps today the prison's administrators have called upon a trio of Procyal Agathions to whip up a sumptuous meal that is both luxurious and delicious. The next time the PC's cast the spell, the prisoners selected are a pair of Gilugon Devils, commonly referred to Ice Devils, who have created masterworks with cold meats, frosted mead, a weirdly-cold vichyssoise, and of course a ridiculous array of frozen desserts.

You could take the opportunity to really showcase the different races and their unique nature. The meals provided by the rebellious Sahkils should be vastly different from the dutiful Psychopmps, but both races, being sentient and nearly eternal, may have a surprisingly complex understanding of the culinary arts. This is a way to really highlight cultural aspects of Outsiders as well as their very nature in the cosmos.

Or go with the halflings, that's also a safe bet! :)

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Good ideas, I think I'll go for a mix of different races.

It also leads into a potential adventure where the PCs could investigate why top chefs from all over the continent have been disappearing.

EDIT: The head chef/jailer is now called Warden Ramsay

Considering that species are bound to have very different tastes in terms of what they like, I doubt any one species would be widely accepted as having the best culinary skills. But for the more "normal" humanoid species you could probably get some level of agreement that a specific group was better than average.

Is one of the top chefs a demon named Bobby Flaymaster? Perhaps a native fey with crimson locks and a big smile called Mario The Ginger Prince? A curvaceous Psychopomp referred to only as The Barefoot Contessa?

And of course, the sage that brings all of this needs to be a male with thick glasses and short, spiky blonde hair named Elton the Brown. He seems to be an expert on all things culinary, both historical and scientific. He associates with many of the great chefs, even hosts a contest of their skills in a kitchen/stadium of sorts, and suddenly his contestants have begun to disappear! The Chairman, an extra-planar monk that oversees these contests, is stumped.

Elton the Brown WANTS to tell the players that this simply isn't good eats, but every time he tries he's interrupted.

Wow. Could you actually make an entire campaign from Food Network, past and present? That would be delicious!

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Cutthroat Kitchen would certainly have more cut throats....

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