MTG Planeswalker Class Idea


I recently had an idea to see if it was possible to create a Pathfinder class that allows you to use MTG cards as your primary spells, essentially blending the two games together. So, I've written up this rough draft of the idea to see how it would work. I'm still unsure of the level progression or how balanced it would be. I also have two different ideas about how Mana would work, and haven't decided which one to use.

At any rate, here is the write-up about the basic design of the class. Areas in bold italics indicate stuff that hasn't been decided, or ideas that I haven't committed to including quite yet. I've also included a spreadsheet detailing how many common card effects might be handled in Pathfinder, but that's very incomplete at the moment.

Planeswalker Class.

Possible Ability Conversions.

Biggest thing now is possibly deciding on a few more class features, determining what level each feature should be gained at, and finalizing the effects of each card ability found in MTG. That last one will probably be the hardest part...

If you have any suggestions or feedback, let me know!

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