Good one-shot scenario for Pathfinder players?


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Good afternoon,

I'm hoping to give my normal Pathfinder gaming group a taste of Starfinder in the near future, and I'm looking for advice for a good scenario to use. I'd like something that is a one-shot, and gives a good taste of what Starfinder is all about, without getting bogged down in too much exposition. Can any of you recommend a good scenario to start with?

My players are all Pathfinder veterans, so I don't need something super beginner focused. But the world of Starfinder is different, so I'd like something that shows off the setting without overwhelming the players.

I'm looking for a one-shot scenario, since they don't want to commit to a whole adventure path or anything. I'm thinking that a SFS scenario would be a good place to start. But I'm open to other ideas.

Low level would be good, to keep things simple. But it wouldn't necessarily have to be level 1.

I'd like to have a taste of starship combat included, or at the very least have the players use a starship in the course of the adventure. I want to show that it's more than just dungeon crawling on a space station or whatever.

A plot that's fairly lighthearted and straightforward would be good as well, so that my players can jump right in and not get lost in the weeds.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Starfinder Society Quest: Into the Unknown

It starts in Absalom Station and takes you around a bunch of places; it's modular; very different types of combat, with very different maps for each; has startship combat; it's free!

Though I recommend skipping the first starship combat and using only the second one, better ships, faster results.

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Seconding the Into the Unknown recommendation. Has the added bonus of each section of the adventure acting as a secret rules tutorial.

Into the Unknown is alright, but it's definitely not my favorite intro adventure. If you want to introduce your players to the wild variety of the Starfinder setting while also giving them a cooler Starship combat and more interesting individual missions, try Dreaming of the Future.


My intro to Starfinder was Extreme Exploration, it was a rollicking adventure and loads of fun.

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