The potential end of The Phantom?


Phantom was the last newspaper comic I was reading since everything else were zombies or reprints and I stopped after the story where it seemed Diana had died and just
let it go.
However, I have glanced at the comic section again and I noticed that Phantom has been going on some hallucinogenic dream journey where he is being chewed out by a previous Phantom for sending his son away.
The Phantom's legend of 'The Man Who Does Not Die' is based on the title(and purple speedo) being passed down to their son when they conveniently die when the son comes of age. The current Phantom has twins, Kit(Boy) and Heliose(Girl) and It has been brought up before about who might become the new Phantom and if in fact the legend will change.
Now both children have become adults since time passes in the comic and I must wonder, is the time of the comic coming to an end? Will there be a new Phantom and will it remain the same?

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It's possible that Heloise Walker is being set up to become The Phantom. It's been done before.

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