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Though the answer is probably right in my face somewhere in the CRB, is there still a rule in PF2 where if an attack's damage is reduced to 0 by penalties it still does some kind of minimum damage?
For instance if you strike with a dagger but have a strength penalty (this came up with gremlins). 1d4-2 damage...but you roll a 1 or 2. Does this just do no damage now? In PF1 this did 1 nonlethal, but separate nonlethal damage is no longer a thing.

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Yes. It's in the errata.



Page 451: Following the formulas for calculating damage
rolls, add the sentence “If the combined penalties on an
attack would reduce the damage to 0 or below, you still
deal 1 damage.”

Cool. Thanks so much! Forgot to check the errata

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It is worth noting that the 'minimum damage of 1' is part of 'Step 1: Roll the Damage Dice and Apply Modifiers, Bonuses, and Penalties.'

This means you could still could end up doing no damage after 'Step 3: Apply the Target's Immunities, Weaknesses, and Resistances.'

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