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One can get sets of cards printed and shipped from for the custom cards from the early Adventure Paths. One can buy the custom cards from Seasons of Shackles, Runelords, the Righteous, and even Goblins. Having bought some of these sets, as well as Runelords errata cards and many custom cards I've made or ones posted by other users, I know that these cards are high quality (and more consistent color on the cards than my Core Set!)

I'm wondering whether there will ever by similar sets offered for the custom cards presented in Seasons of Plundered Tombs, Faction's Favor, Tapestry's Tides, and (Year of) Rotting Ruin. Any knowledge out there? Thanks!

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I'd be interested in knowing the answer to this, too! We'd used Drive BY cards for the early AP custom cards, but played Season of Plundered Tombs by printing "cards" on the computer and putting them in sleeves with another card, but they didn't look that great. If I could buy a set of the custom cards for the next AP, I'd do it.

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While it’d certainly be neat, the fact paizo hasn’t bothered to get together sets for a few years now and drivethru hasn’t invested anything whatsoever into improvements for the card creator tool should be pretty telling as to the future of the drivethru partnership.

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