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The entry for Shoanti Animism in Gods and Magic is great but seems to be missing information for some critical game mechanics. There's no domain, divine skill, favored weapon, etc. Those omissions might be intentional but that seems counter to the direction PF2 has taken toward non-deity forms of worship.

Based on the detailed breakdown for each Quah, I get the impression each one was supposed to function as it's own 'deity'. Was this information left on the cutting room floor?

I think I remember that Shoanti shamans function exactly like druids, iirc they're also described as something like "druidic shamans". It's no news, for now playable shamans seem to be meant to occupy that niche.

If you think about it, with an animist society, the primal tradition makes sense - you commune with nature (and its myriad spirits) and get your powers from it. It's no perfect fit for sure and I hope later on we'll see shamans again, but for now I think it might suffice.

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Prior to the Shaman and Oracle Classes in PF1, they were all portrayed as Druids. Even afterwards, some showed up as Druids.

So I'd say, until we get a Shaman Class, they'd be a mix of Druids and Oracles, and even afterwards many would still be of those two Classes.

But that doesn't really address the issue. All faiths, including those that have no deity and thus no Clerics, are supposed to have a Divine Ability, a Divine Skill and Edicts and Anathema. Shoanti Animism should definitely follow that pattern (possibly with significant differences by Quah).

Oh yeah, Oracles would be a great choice too. I wonder about witches... and also, back in the day the Shoanti had storytellers called Thunder Callers who were an archetype of bard - that would be nice too if it resurfaced...

You're right though DMW, at least edicts and anathema... probably divine abilities and skills too... some of these things were addressed in Lost Omens Characters Guide in a way (the feat that gives you a different advantage for each Quah) but I guess it would be good form to give the full treatment to their spirituality.

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