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Hi everybody,

I was discussing with some friends about weapons and their perks, and how because of those perks sometimes we find ourselves intrigued by a specific weapon instead of another, while on the other hand we'd like our character to bear another one.

So i wondered "wouldn't be nice to choose our character just in terms of aesthetic and then give it some perks?"

What I was thinking about is a division like this


One handed Weapons:

- 1d6 damage
- 5 weapon points

Two handed Seapons:

- 1d10 damage
- 8 weapon points

So, you will be finding youself just imagining your character.

Hmmm I want a half elf ranger using a Short sword in main hand and a Kama in offhand

Good Job! Now that you have decided your weapons, you can go on and decide what you will be able to do with them!

Well, I'd like to being able to trip with my kama, and also it'd be nice to disarm with it too. As for my shortsword, I would like to being able to make a lounge attack if possible

Ok then, you have 2 weapon with 5 available points each. Let's see what are the possibilities and how much cost any of these:


-Agile----------------------2 Points
-Backstabber----------------1 Point
-Backswing------------------1 Point
-Deadly---------------------1 Point ( Can't take this with Fatal )
-Disarm---------------------1 Point
-Fatal----------------------2 Points ( Can't take this with Deadly )
-Finesse--------------------1 Point
-Forceful-------------------1 Point
-Improving weapon dice------2 Points
-Jousting-------------------1 Point
-Modular--------------------1 Point
-Nonlethal------------------1 Point
-Parry----------------------1 Point
-Trip-----------------------1 Point
-Reach----------------------5 Points
-Shove----------------------1 Point
-Sweep----------------------1 Point
-Tethered-------------------0 Points ( only Aklys )
-Thrown---------------------1 Point
-Trip-----------------------1 Point
-Twin-----------------------1 Point
-Versatile------------------1 Point

NB: the fact a 1h has 5 points and a 2h has 8, as well for the value of each perk, is just temporary to give you an idea. It is probably not balanced.

So, I'd take reach with my shortsword and agile, disarm, trip and Parry with my Kama

Ok, now the weapon type.

Weapon type instead can be choosen regardless the weapon you are using, to enhance your fighting and your character.

So, I could deal bleeding damage on a critical hit with my kama? Great! Then I'll go with "flat footed on crit" with my sword and "bleeding" with my kama

Perfect! Now the character is all set.

If you happen to find a new one you can simply decide what to do with it.
If you'd like to change fighting style I guess you could do some training, or maybe being able to choose day after day what setup to play would be even more fun. Don't know.

What do you think?

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The developers have actually used, more or less, a system like this to design weapons. A fellow forum user figured out most of that and made a guide about that (I'll post the link if I can find it).
The devs themselves said, though, that you should be wary about what you do when building custom weapons, because combining some traits together or with a big damage die can lead to an overpowered thing.

EDIT: of course, custom traits that don't appear in official weapons are an entirely different beast.

EDIT 2: Here it is: After going over evary weapon in the game, I have reversed engineered a guide to make balanced custom weapons, by Pronate.
I suggest looking at the comment from Mark Seifter down the thread.

Woah, this makes somehow sense ( thanks for sharing the thread ).

Knowing this maybe there's a chance that the gnomish flickmace will be tuned down ( 1d4 damage like all others 1h with reach and some extra perks ).

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