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Operative's Arsenal allows operatives to use their trick attacks with weapons they're normally not proficient with.

But I'm a bit confused if that's really a useful trade if you're playing an operative to be able to dual-wield better. It doesn't seem to grant the weapons you gain proficiency with the "operative" tag, which is what allows you to use DEX for melee, meaning an operative who uses Operative's Arsenal to get access to advanced melee weapons still has to build for STR, a stat I imagine the average operative treats as a dump stat.

Furthermore, the lack of the "operative" tag means such weapons don't qualify for Multiweapon Fighting either.

Am I interpreting this right? I initially thought Operative's Arsenal might give me a way to wield two plasma swords without sucking at combat, but it looks more and more like the only way to do that is beg a GM to allow me to say plasma kukris are the short-sword length ones rather than the dagger length ones and to try and write up higher level homebrew versions of them since the only one in existence is the basic red one that came in an SFS module.

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I woukd say its accurate that the average operative has low strength.

Not every operative is that average operative.

Operative's Arsenal is a feature that I see as mainly useful for enabling unusual builds. It has no value to the "standard" operative build, and it has nothing to do with dual wielding, in any way.

It isn't a useless option, but it's not for what you're looking to do.

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