Muticlassing, Hag and 'Deep Lore' question

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If a Hag Bloodline Sorcerer took some MC Bard spellcasting feats, and then took the 'Greater Mental Evolution' what would happen?

1) Would it add one spell to each repertoire per spell level? {Treating each list as a separate repertoire.}

2) Would it add one spell per spell level, but you could choose which side the extra spell would go? {Treating both lists as a general 'Repertoire'.}

3) Would it add one extra spell per level to the Sorcerer Spell Repertoire only? {Treating the feat as only applying to the spell repertoire of the class it came from.}

Personally I'm leaning towards 3, but I have not found {and possibly missed} certain rules which would cover and clarify this.

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It is a sorcerer feat and refers to your sourcerer repertoire - it is safe to say it's 3

Awesome thanks, that's what I thought too. Muticlassing spellcasters and what feats cross the barrier can sometimes be somewhat confusing. I just thought to ask so I don't cheat a player in my group whom is thinking of building a high level Sorc/Bard character for a one shot.

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