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My players and I are new to Pathfinder 2e, and we're running into new rules situations regularly. I have a player who's is playing a goblin monk and he loves jumping on other PCs' shoulders to do things like fight. I want the players to be able to attemp anything they can imagine as long as it's reasonable, but I do want to stick with the rules to maintain consistent balanced mechanics. What do you suggest for rolls dealing with a monk first jumping onto someone's shoulders and then fighting there? Should there be first a High Jump roll? Should there be an Acrobatics roll after a successful jump, every round to maintain it, or after every attack or received hit?

Thanks in advance!

I have a player who also wants to jump around and now and then adds unneccessary flourishes so I think I have somewhat of a perspective for this :P

first off you should consider if the 'step' the goblin takes is an object

if yes - just use the usual rules for movement to get up there and go on from there

if no - the question is if its an enemy or a friend

if it's an enemy work with the 'tumble through' rules from acrobatics, the enemy is (if acrobatics is rolled high enough) difficult terrain
maybe add a little to the difficulty for wanting on top and not just slipping through the legs (and consider the enemies height if they want to jump from there)

if it's a friend consider willing or unwilling

unwilling should be handled like an enemy, if they know the goblin add no additional difficulty for tumbling above them

and if they are willing, maybe even want to help (and maybe spend the reaction to do so) give a bonus on the whole thing

bonus points if your tank offers his shield as platform to catapult the gobbo far off


I would first off count the Goblin's weight against the "mount's" carrying capacity. At 3-4 Bulk naked, most PCs wouldn't be able to carry a geared out Goblin without penalty.

Then I would treat the pair under the Mounted Combat rules, including sharing each other's MAP.

In short, it might be zany for the occasional fight, but I wouldn't encourage it against any challenge.

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As long as the player doesn't get any mechanical benefit out of it, I would certainly not roll anything and consider that as part of his way to fight.
Maybe I would ask him to have Assurance(Acrobatics) to justify not making any single roll for all of that.
Asking for checks, unless they are trivialy easy, will push the player to just forget about his special fighting style, and I think it'll be sad for him.

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