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Hey all!

I was writing a thing for Everybody Games and I noticed some text that confused me a little.

Starfinder CRB Page 74 wrote:

A drone is considered a construct with the technological subtype for the purposes of spells and effects targeting it.

Does "effects targeting it" include effects that a construct would normally be immune to? Specifically, do drones have standard construct traits, as defined by the construct type graft?

Starfinder AA Page 134 wrote:

Traits: Darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, construct immunities, unliving; set Constitution modifier to —; must have either the magical or technological subtype; if the construct is mindless, set Intelligence modifier to — and add mindless.

Specifically, I ask because if the answer is "No, they only count as constructs for spells and effects targeting constructs," then they technically don't have the construct immunities or unliving universal creature rules, which opens up a whole lot of wonkiness.

I believe they are of the construct type, but do not have construct immunities. So, for example charm person does not affect them, because it targets humanoids, and they are not of that type.

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Can't wait to poison and Charm Monster a drone.

And what about nonlethal damage? Does that work on Drones?

Xenocrat wrote:
Can't wait to poison and Charm Monster a drone.

I would think both of those would fall under a spell or effect targeting the drone.

I guess my real confusion is, if the drone isn't simply a construct with the technological subtype, then what type of creature is it?

And where/what is the line for "spells or effects targeting it"?

Charm monster seems like it would obviously fail, because constructs would be immune. But poison isn't a spell, so is it an effect? Maybe, I dunno.

I think the easiest answer is to just say the drone is technological construct. Sure it's got some immunities thanks to that, but from my experience they could use the help.

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This question is outdated. In the 3rd printing CRB, drones explicitly have construct immunities.

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