What happened to the Goblin Hero-Gods?

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Working on a new Lorefinder episode over here and I opened up Lost Omens: Gods & Magic to get the latest information on the Goblin Hero-Gods: Hadregash, Venkelvore, Zarongel and Zogmugot. Turns out they are completely omitted form that book, the book that is supposed to have all of the deities and even has some that are less relevant than the Hero-Gods.

I checked the old Inner Sea Gods to make sure I wasn't imagining those deities existing and they're still there, so this is a pretty glaring omission. I can understand not featuring some guys like Socothbenoth, but why would these be removed? With Goblins being a Core race now, one would think they'd be important to mention.

Are they just omited from the book or have they been retconned from the setting? An official answer would be very welcome since this is for an educational video and we don't want to add something outdated.

They don't appear in any 2e material that I'm aware of, besides being mentioned in the Barghest entry in the bestiary. This did not give deity stat blocks or domains though.

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They're still there, and the majority of goblins in-world remain evil and worshipers of them. But with 2nd edition focusing on goblins as PC options we've put more development on the Hero Gods as a pantheon of evil goblin deities on the back burner for now, since they're not really all that helpful for us when we're cultivating non-evil goblins as options for PCs and not telling many Fight-the-Goblins stories.

We might have more to say about them in the future in an upcoming product, but what we've said already, flavor-wise and lore-wise, remains 100% accurate. (We won't be transforming them into non-evil divinities, and have no plans to make a "good goblin pantheon" either.)

Including them would be a no-brainer if, for example, we decided we wanted to do a "Guide to playing Evil PCs" for 2nd edition, but I'm not sure there's much of a market for a big book on that topic, and I'm not sure it's something that Paizo as a company has the appetite to explore at this time.

Thanks for the quick answer!. We will go ahead with using only the First Edition lore for them.

I agree with your reasoning to downplay them. Though a name drop somewhere wouldn't be bad for a GM if they wanna use Goblins as enemies.

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I think it might be neat to explore them in the context of how some of the more benevolent goblin tribes reconcile or address the traditional goblin creation myth.

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