EN5ider #333 - Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums

5th Edition (And Beyond)

No, not the kind you're thinking of—this issue of EN5ider is an awesome supplementary adventure to weave into your existing campaign, not a reason to go to the doctor!

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#333. Mini-Adventure: Fungal Bums. The adventurers destroy an infestation of strange mushroom creatures but days later one of the PCs develops an odd sickness impervious to traditional cures. Within weeks mushrooms sprout from the afflicted's back, and far stranger, the sporecaps speak. The 'umamish' claim to be helpful symbiotic fungus, merely hoping to hitch a ride until they reach maturity—and their host feels stronger, more resilient, better than ever before. However the umamish are anything but benevolent, slowly gaining control of the PC's mind and releasing more spores to infect others. To be cured the party needs to track down a recluse rumored to know the cure for these unwanted fungal stowaways! This supplementary adventure for 4–5 PCs is best used in an ongoing campaign (introduced at 3rd level and ending by 6th level) but can be contained into a shorter quest for 6th level PCs. Cunningly designed by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Jeffrey Chen, and featuring the cartography of Dyson Logos.

#332. ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind: Part 3. This is the crunchiest part of ZEITGEIST #10 - Godmind and includes the full breadth of rules and monsters a GM will need to run the rest of the module! That begins with the fundamental changes to the mechanics of reality following the Obscurati ritual and is followed by a host of creatures: the Ash Wolf (fey titan CR 25), smoldering wolf (CR 10), Beshela the Archfey of the Sea (CR 14), the Father of Thunder (fey titan CR 25), Granny Allswell (fey titan CR 25), corrupted earth spirit (CR 15), Asrabey Varal the Archfey of Obedience (CR 17), Porteur de Mort revelation sniper (CR 13), Porteur de Mort murderer (CR 13), Porteur de Mort alchemist (CR 13), Obscurati master builder (CR 15), Obscurati divinist (CR 14), Danoran frigate crew (CR 15), Danoran boarding squad (CR 11), and finally Sovereign Han Jierre (CR 20).

#331. Writhing Codex. Kill and zombify foes with breath of the master, do exactly what you think with corpse explosion, cast parasitic eruption to send someone to Cronenberg-ville, curse enemies with power word doom, become as resilient and unyielding as your animated minions via undead fortitude, disturb everybody at the party by conjuring a wall of flesh, protect your secrets with withering aura, travel in style by using wormway to hitch a ride in a purple worm, or go all-in and make the change into a wriggling mass of worms by casting the epic writhing transformation spell. Don't mind the spellbook slithering a little bit—that's completely normal and nothing to worry about. Disturbingly designed by Ben Green, illustrated by Rachel Maduro.

#330. Enchanted Trinkets: Patron Tokens. Warlocks—the mages who traded their souls for eldritch blast. We know them, we love their beams of death, but when it gets down to the nuts and bolts they sometimes fall short of the prowess shown by their companions. In that light this article is all about gifts geared to make the most out of Pact Magic users! As usual with the enchanted trinkets series each item has an innocuous, roleplay enriching effect, suggested gold value, and a resource element that you can use to create a more powerful effect at the expense of the item itself. This supplement's 14 magic items include the angel-hide bookmark, badge of seasons, barbed devil's bracelet, confidante's journal, fathomer's ring, focusing eye, hungry quasit, infernal triptych, paramour's daisy, satyr boots, seven-sided coin, sidereal lens, star milk, and true shape mirror. Devilishly designed by William Fischer and illustrated by Sade.

#329. Spells: Masterpiece Renditions. There is magic in music and few melodies contain as much nuanced power as this suite of sublime spells! Play the rousing and rising accelerando to empower a band of warriors, unleash the battlecry ballad to rally your forces, employ the expertise of circular breathing to perform beneath the waves, cast crowd pleaser to get a party started, employ dramatic sting to pluck at a foe's heartstrings, never allow an audience to forget you with earworm, become more helpful with an accompaniment from harmonic resonance, blow away listeners with the power of resonating solo, create a background player with strike up the band, or spread true sorrow with the use of fearful sonnet! These masterpieces of magic were penned by Andrew Engelbrite, illustrated by Mark Bulahao.

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