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Looking for Pathfinder or Starfinder players or group in Albuquerque area.

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im in a small group that is always looking for en extra player.

currently, we are on hiatus due to the recent "world issues" but doesnt hurt to start reaching out now, for when/if things ever get back to "normal".

when we do get back to playing, we meet every other week, on Sundays starting around 11 am and going to around 5 or so....

we are currently playing Pathfinder, a personal campaign (so not any of the published Adventure Paths- though we might crib an encounter from one :) ).

the players are varied in ages, gaming experience and such. this group for the most part has been gaming together for a few years, some of us even longer

so when we do invite new players, we prefer to have them sit in for a game or two, to see how we all fit together before we worry about anything more permanent.

give me a shout here if interested, and we can see where things go from there.

Hello Obi-wan,

Sent you a private message in reply to your post.



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