Unable to add "Delegated Reporters" to Organized Play events

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I've been trying to add reporters to a couple of events, but it's not working. I have attempted this on Firefox and Chrome, using regular and incognito browser windows, as well as once on my phone. Whenever I enter their paizo.com user name and click "Find" - nothing happens.

Thank you very much in advance for any help or suggestions.

Mike Bramnik
VC Southern IN

Shadow Lodge

Problem accidentally solved due to typo.

In trying again today, I typed their name in but accidentally put a space in there.

Explanation: Their paizo username is https://paizo.com/people/FirstnameLastname

As such, I was entering "FirstnameLastname" in the "Find" fields.

By accident, I entered "Firstname Lastname" today...and it worked, instantly.

So, yea, I guess just use this information as a data point?

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